Google removed Beta Labels

Posted by Diana Yusuf on Thursday, July 9, 2009

Google removed my label from several of his applications. This was significant, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Talk, and Google Video for Business already not in the probationary period again. Like seenthing quoted from PC World, for most users of this change not more than only removed "my" words to the Google page, that make a note has been believed this. His article, Google has had this status for five years. Despite this, Google considered this change was very important in order to opens the bigger business opportunity.

Apart from eliminating my status, Google also added several fitured that was more quality to Gmail. Among them access with the connection was interrupted to the electronics letter and the calendar, as well as fast access to Google applications for the user BlackBerry. Moreover, the concept the based message web currently more compatible with Microsoft Outlook. That not to mention the contact management that also has been better.

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stupid said...

aku mampir dengan blog yang lain kang....!!!

oeoes said...

wah dah jadi mantaf....!!!!!
iya langsung dapat ide tadi pas ngelihat blog ini

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