True Story of "GHOST" Michael Jackson in Larry King

Posted by Diana Yusuf on Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The black shadow video that passed by in Michael Jackson's residence, Neverland, Los Angeles, California, the United States, later circulated in the Internet and was discussed. Many that believed, the shadow was expected as the soul the star clouds that walking around. This all started from the interview for the program of "Larry King Live" during CNN with the sibling Jacko, Jermaine Jackson. Suddenly a shadow that passed by in the not deliberate corridor was caught by the camera. Many that thought that was the ghost Jacko. In fact, the shadow could property crew the agenda. Despite this, people continue to busy developed the smelly assumption klenik. The recorder of this video circulated in the Youtube site with "Michael Jackson's" title of "Ghost NEVERLAND During CNN Larry King".

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