Watch Video Mesum could lead to divergence of seks?

Posted by Diana Yusuf on Friday, June 11, 2010

Circulation of a video mesum which allegedly carried out similar artists Ariel Peterpan, Luna Maya, and Cut tari raises concerns among many. A number of local governments urging performed blockade against the circulation of a video nasty. Even some schools students raided the cell phone. The parents were no less anxious. Anxiety was associated with negative impacts porn videos (and other pornographic materials), which is expected to lead to deviant seksual behavior or seksual violence. Topics negative effects of mesum materials (including in movies, books, videos, Internet) has been studied in several studies. Here are some examples:

* A study in 1987 found that women who were abused, or become the subject of sexual harassment, has a spouse who is often seen pornography.

* Research methods in the 1995 meta-analysis found that pornography is expected to strengthen the aggressive behavior and negative attitudes toward women.

* A study in the United States says that teenagers who consume pornography: two-thirds of men and 40 percent of women want to try some behavior that they witnessed. And, 31 percent of men and 18 per cent of women confessed to some sexual scenes they saw in pornographic materials in a few days after viewing.

* A study in 1993 found: exposure to sexual material which may lead to stimulate aggressive behavior in adolescents. Materials containing sexual violence causes aggressive behavior and larger adverse effect on the attitude of men towards women.

* Evaluation of the 1984 mention the increasing number of rape cases in many countries it is correlation with the liberalization of restrictions on pornography.

Canadian Institute for Education on the Family, in 2004, doing research on this subject. In a summary of research, Peter Stock, the study authors said that Canadian society has become increasingly pornographic society in recent decades that implicate annoying kids who grew up in it. Numerous scientific studies have shown a strong correlation between exposure to pornography and deviant sexual behavior by children.

There is also research that states that pornography harm children. The reason for a child's sexual development occurs gradually from childhood. Exposure to child pornography form a sexual perspective by providing information about sexual activity. However, this type of information provided by pornography is not a normal sexual perspective.

Citing studies conducted at the 2004 National Institute of Child Health, United States, stating that watching sex on TV is expected to accelerate adolescent sexual initiation.

Connection with the explosion of Internet growth, researchers say pornography freely available on the internet is a threat to the safety of children. Quoting another study, Peter Stock says that one out of five children, aged between 10 and 17, received a sexual solicitation over the Internet in 1999. Some other research has also concluded that many of the pornography industry, with billions of dollars, focusing on target again boys aged 12-17 years, with the aim of creating an addiction - as well as the usual marketing strategies that allegedly carried out the cigarette industry.

Apparently, among the researchers, this topic is still controversial. Another study at the end of 2009, as published in ScienceDaily, December 1, 2009, reveal different things. Simon Louis Lajeunesse, a doctoral candidate and lecturer at the School of Social Work Université de Montréal, Canada, doing research on effects of pornography on men in their 20s.

"We began this research with our twenties looking for a man who never consume pornography. We could not find anything," says Lajeunesse.

Furthermore, later he interviewed 20 heterosexual male students who consume pornography.

"They share their sexual history, beginning with their first contact with pornography, in the early days of their youth. None of the subjects have seksualitas. pathology, all of their sexual practices very conventional," says Lajeunesse.

This study concluded that 90 percent of pornography is consumed on the Internet, while 10 percent comes from the video store. On average, single men watch pornography three times a week for 40 minutes. Lajeunesse discovered that most boys find pornographic material at the age of 10 years. However, they immediately throw away what they did not like.

Lajeunesse denied adverse effects often associated with pornography while many other studies say could have a negative impact of pornography, including sexual behavior. (tempointeraktif)

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