Technology Easy to Prove Similar Real Face Cut Tari and Luna Maya

Posted by Diana Yusuf on Friday, June 11, 2010

Technology Easy to Prove Similar real Face Cut Tari and Luna Maya - Cut Tari actress has denied that there are women in hot video widespread today is itself. However, the actual technology can easily identify the authenticity of the face in the video. Previously Cut Tari, Wednesday (9 / 6) says, "I just want to speak only once and not repeated. For me, my husband did not believe that's me. My mother who gave birth I also do not believe it. My family did not believe if that was me. So for me it's enough. "

While experts, telecommunications, Abhimanyu Wachjoewidajat says videos mesum Ariel Cut Tari between people who like Cut Tari and Ariel ex-Peter Pan - is the original video. "There is no engineering. It has not been edited. The quality is better," said Abi, Tuesday (8 / 6). And what about the similarity of the so-called Cut Dance? Abi replied, "estimated that 95 percent of Dance Cut."

How technology to easily identify perpetrators based on the available images. Is a doctorate in artificial intelligence from the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia, Rahmad Widiyanto, had three years ago to develop face recognition techniques with methods based on fuzzy similarity measure.

The system was originally intended to identify the perpetrators of the Bali bombing that shattered his face, where the long-running process of identification. With a system developed Rahmad and his team, face recognition systems can identify the perpetrators quickly and accurately. The method works by representing each component of the face with descriptors tailored to the characteristics of dominant features (shape, texture, or color).

You do this by comparing the sketch illustrator with an existing database. Of course, in the case of video becomes easier because living compare with the many available databases. The database also provides a template plays facial components such as forms of eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips and hair that stayed the user selected.

"The result is 90 percent of the reconstruction process is carried out successfully find the intended person's face," he explained. According Rahmad, systems that aim to help police it was the first in the world.

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