New Swift generation - Suzuki Swift UK Launches New Generation

Posted by Diana Yusuf on Friday, June 11, 2010

Suzuki Motor, Thursday (10 / 6), officially launched the latest generation Suzuki Swift hatchback in the UK. Cars 1200 cc gasoline engine-powered 93 horsepower and torque of 117 Newton-meter With Price 15 800 pound sterling, or about USD 213.49 million. "The new generation is not only more efficient, low emission also has a more spacious cabin," said Suzuki's press release as quoted, Friday (11 / 6). Manufacturers said the new version of the Suzuki Swift is equipped with technology Viariable Valve Timing (VVT), or a clever arrangement of valve opening and closing times are varied to fuel consumption is only one liter for 19.8 kilometers (km) distance traveled. While the levels of emissions produced 116 grams per km.

The previous Generation 1300 cc engine with the consumption of one liter to 17 km distance. While the level of CO2 emissions produced reached 140 grams per km. The length of the car even more length 90 millimeters (mm) compared to the previous generation. Similarly, wheelbase, length 50 mm more."Adding length and long wheelbase makes the car more spacious cabin space," explained Suzuki.

In addition to type offered in 1200 cc petrol engine, New Swift generation would also be produced in the 1300 cc diesel engine type. Like the petrol engined sibling, the type of diesel engine is also claimed fuel economy and low emissions.

Fuel consumption, a liter to 23.5 km distance. The level of emissions, 109 grams per km. Suzuki calls, this new type is marketed in the upcoming 2011. While the types of gasoline engines sold in the autumn of this year.

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