10 Tips for Approaching a woman and a date with him

Posted by Diana Yusuf on Monday, January 11, 2010

if you ate a man who has trouble approaching a woman, do not worry. Just do not ever feel afraid of failure. If the fear of failure is missing, you need to try ten surefire way how to approach women, as reported by recent AskMen. Please try the following steps:

makes the woman wondered. When you're talking to someone, she will push you closer to finding out what is being said. Make sure the position is very close to hear the conversation. Guaranteed, the woman would be silent listeners, and to be provocative to hear more.

learn from the failure of another man. If you see someone he failed when trying to approach a woman, you should find out the cause of failure. From there you can learn and can easily launch approaches

make a small wager. Like in a game, you also need to make a bet. Continue to interact throughout the night with the woman, then look for something in the conversations that could be at stake. For example, he should remember your name throughout the night. When you forget, he had to buy you a drink.

prepare the game. There are lots of fun little game, and will make a woman become fascinated with you.

make the story funny and interesting. Be a man who always has interesting and funny stories. Being someone who is humorous would distinguish you from others. The woman who approached a distinct impression on you.

turn to his opinion. One of the most effective way to approach is to ask his opinion about something. The important thing is give the impression that you really need to ask for her opinion.

the latest gossip. Before going out, make sure you know the news today Remember Me. This could be material
perfect to start a conversation.

talking about someone or something. Wherever located, you can observe someone or something around you as a conversation, especially when he found the same reaction.

toast. If you are in a bar or club, one of the easiest ways to initiate a conversation is a toast, by saying "Cheers". Very simple and polite, but opened the way for you to know her.

say the word "hey". These simple words can be an alternative for you to initiate a conversation with a woman.

This trick would be tried, before you believe it can succeed. Just do not be afraid to fail.

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