Danareksa Fund Launches USD 400 Million

Posted by Diana Yusuf on Saturday, December 19, 2009

PT Danareksa Investment Management launched two mutual funds are protected in the rupiah-denominated worth Rp 400 billion. Mutual funds were issued December 22 and December 23, 2009 with the indication 7,75-9,25 percent yield.

Mutual funds Danareksa named Jasmine Optima Protection XII (DPMO XII) and Optima Budget Protection Danareksa XIII (DPMO XIII).

Director Danareksa Investment Management (DIM) John D Item in Jakarta, Wednesday (16/12), say, mutual funds futures XII DPMO roughly one year with the indication of the net investment yield 7,75-8 percent.

As for mutual funds XIII DPMO two-year term with the indication of the net investment yield 9-9,25 percent.

Both mutual fund yields will share every three months.

Mutual funds are offered through DPMO XII two realtors, Bank Mandiri and Bank Commonwealth. DPMO XIII mutual funds offered through Bank Mandiri and BCA, and sold directly through institutional marketing team and retail DIM.

Protected mutual funds, said John, still be one target of conservative investors to invest. This is supported by the policies of 14 banks to limit their deposits interest rates to a maximum of 7 percent, so investors looking for attractive investment opportunities, but still measurable, other than deposits.

"This product is designed for investors who want a measurable yield when the policy of low interest rates like this," he said.

Mutual funds DPMO XII and XIII DPMO, continued John, offered to provide an investment alternative for investors according to their investment objectives.

"DIM will try out the product to suit market conditions and public interest," he said.DIM is a subsidiary of PT Danareksa (Persero) with the main activity as the manager of mutual funds and investment asset management contract (KPAI). DIM is a pioneer in mutual funds by launching the first mutual fund in Indonesia in July 1996.

Now, DIM manages 34 mutual funds, including two Islamic mutual funds, two of the Collective Investment Contract Asset Backed Securities (ABS KIK), and some contracts KPAI. Total funds managed by the DIM per 30 November 2009 reached Rp 6.8 trillion.

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