Dead Space 2 is New Games and Awesome for Best Gamers

Posted by Diana Yusuf on Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dead Space 2 is new games and awesome for best gamers - Dead Space 2 is present as a successor to the previous series as one of the scariest horror game. Myriad of changes that were ready to startle the more creepy gamer. Dare to try?. One that should be observed is that the monster variants multiply. In addition, at Dead Space 2, gamers will also find the mysterious figure of Isaac Clarke a former lover who has died, Nicole Brennan. Guaranteed, this game is more scary and thrilling.

Groove story
Just a flashback. In the first series of Dead Space, gamers play as Isaac Clarke in a rescue mission on the Ishimura crew members is missing. But what happened next actually bring a player trapped in a plane full of vicious aliens.

As if not satisfied with the previous series, in Dead Space 2, Visceral Games developed this game desperately to bring the storyline interesting, awesome sound systems, as well as the quality of the graphics are worth a raised thumb. In this game, Isaac trapped in a hospital in a state of memory loss, he was later freed by someone who pretend to be good but instead use it for personal gain. Well, Isaac journey from the hospital this is what started the thrill to play Dead Space 2.

To save himself from an infected human siege Necromorphs, Isaac had to run without any weapon equipped. Just ran and ran up to see the empty space that separates players with these ferocious creatures.

After a few moments before playing gamers have sufficient arms and ammunition. Lock and load ...

Dead Space 2 can be regarded as one of the most thrilling games ever played. Moreover, if you use an adequate sound system, such as surround speakers and a quality sound card.

The sound quality of this game is so awesome. Gamers can hear the heavy footsteps of Isaac, or the sound echoing roar of the monster. This is what makes Dead Space 2 is so scary, some scenes may even surprise the players.

The atmosphere of horror that gripped even color all the way players. Starting from the torn pieces of human bodies, blood spills, even the crying baby in this game. It is still aggravated by the appearance of the figure of Isaac mysterious former lover. Nicole Brennan, the woman, appearing suddenly in certain scenes that are part of the illusion of Isaac. Sometimes he looks like Isaac and attacked several times as well just say something with a scary tone of voice.

Varian monsters in this game even more enriched by a variety of unique. As mentioned earlier that the players will hear the cry of a baby in throughout the game. It is true that there are monsters babies and children who hang around in this game.

Conquer the monster with a bullet did not merely be the best way in this game, because every weapon having an unlimited ammo. So how to escape from these vicious attacks by the monsters?

In addition to melee attacks, players can also use the static that is able to 'play' a particular object. So if you want to save bullets, use both modes at the top at the right time.

Upgrade from Dead Space
This game is an upgraded version of Dead Space. Besides the increased variant monsters, the game was not merely the location in the space shuttle. Inside are a variety of preference that could be explored such as clinics, schools, churches to shopping. Automatic, spooky sound even more eerie.

In addition there are some new weapons that have not been there in previous series, the Detonator and the Sniper Rifle. But more interesting is, now the player can upgrade his weapons capabilities in order to have the better ability.

Oh yes, the game is also a store to buy various fittings either the existing items in the game, or can also purchase additional equipment at the official website. Quite interesting is not it?. Artificial intelligence (AI) in this game was pretty clever, no matter what level of gamers to play, attack every monster so frightening and could pounce from various directions.

At a certain level players will also encounter monsters most powerful in its class, or commonly known as a boss battle. Each monster in the level is different, and to subdue his gamers should be able to attack at some point that became his weakness.

Overall, Dead Space 2 is indeed a very interesting game systems. This game could be adrenaline his players, as well as fear spread that does not exist in similar games.

Play this game would be more adequate system use, whether it be from the graphics card or sound good order. So, ready for your adrenaline racing with Dead Space 2?

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