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Posted by Diana Yusuf on Monday, June 7, 2010

You want a holiday, Tokyo, Japan, be sure not to miss this tower. Yes, I mean in Tokyo or Tokyo tower. Tokyo Tower (Tokyo タ ワ) is in Shiba Park Tower, Tokyo, Japan. The total height of 332.6 meters and is building the world's highest steel tower, standing on the ground alone. [1] According to aviation safety requirements, the tower in a number of local and international orange white paint. Under the surrounding buildings, the Tokyo Tower from various locations downtown.

Tokyo Tower is a symbol of Tokyo and a famous tourist attraction than as an analog TV transmitter antenna tower (which features UHF / VHF), local television, digital and FM radio. In addition, the railway company East Japan Railway to use this antenna tower to train emergency radio system, and to assess the environment by the Tokyo Metropolitan Office of the number of installation tools.

Tokyo Tower is Japan's official name Denpatō (Japan power towers), radio transmission tower in Japanese). Entrepreneurs from Osaka, founder of the newspaper called Shou Ji Maeda (later the Sankei Shimbun, Kansai TV, Osaka Broadcasting Corporation Chief Executive Officer). Hisakichi see the need for a number of television stations in the Tokyo Tower together.

Design of the tower to follow in Paris, France Eiffel Tower. While the Eiffel Tower than 8.6 meters (32.6-meter-high television antenna, is calculated above), compared to the weight of Tokyo Tower, only the weight of the Eiffel Tower in 7300 tons 4200 tons. Top of the tower is designed to withstand wind gusts of 100 meters per second wind speed, wind resistance in the tower at the bottom of 80 meters per second.

Transmitter placed in the Kanto Tokyo tower up to 100 km radius. Prior to the establishment of the Tokyo Tower, a number of television stations in Tokyo, NHK Integrated TV, Japanese TV station (NTV television) and Japan has been working with his TBS television transmitting antenna height of 170 meters in operation in 1958, Fuji TV, net ( now TV Asahi), and NHK Education Channel began to move to the tokyo tower transmitting antenna.

Mascot Noppon tower is the twin brother, from the word "Noppo" (high). Noppon blue shirt subject who was the first born, and her sister, wearing a red shirt.

Of existing facilities, this tower is:
* 1: on-site special observation
* 2: the views of the floor (second floor)
* A: The antenna analog TV (Japan NHK, the Kanto region of five private television and in the air University)
* B: Digital TV antenna (NHK and private TV Kanto Region)
* Ç: Antenna TV Tokyo, MX (analog / digital state-owned stations)
* Depth: VHF Digital TV Antenna
* E-mail: FM radio antenna
* Female: Microwave antenna

* In the 120 to 125 meters high with two observation floors, flooring and special observation at an altitude of 1223 meters from the ground observation, visitors can see the scenery around the city of Tokyo, if the weather is clear, visitors can see Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, part of Mount Fuji. In the first floor level, the floor is made of glass, so visitors can see the view of observation.

* According to a Tokyo Tower Tower Building (foot town) building, 5th floor. In addition to the observation floor of the elevator construction, there is Tokyo Tower Aquarium, Wax Museum, Guinness World Records Museum, Tokyo, Deluxe Gallery (hologram exhibition), Trick Art Gallery (Paintings on three levels), Club 333 stage performances , and the number of souvenir shops and restaurants. 5 story building, a television broadcasting equipment, is full of closed to the public.

* F, 223 m altitude in a special observation for 10 years of broadcasting equipment store, recently opened to the public in 1968.

* In the lighting system installed in 1989 a new tower. Prior to this, that lights the Christmas tree is only the fourth side in the tower to tower at night just looks like a silhouette.

* The light illuminated the tower lit from sunset to 24:00 pm at night. Lighting, the color is adjusted according to the season. Orange lights lit in the spring, autumn and winter, summer, cool white light is switched to please.

Light-colored, sometimes for specific topics, such as breast cancer activities, the promotion of local TV digital system blue, and green for the promotion of the film Matrix Reloaded, and the pink 50th anniversary of the friendship between Japan and Ireland.

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