Cynthiara Alona trauma

Posted by Diana Yusuf on Saturday, June 5, 2010

After circulating nude photos of herself on the internet for a second time, finally Cynthiara Alona (24) female descendant of Aceh, admits that the photos were indeed a picture of herself. "Even if bitter, I am honest enough to justify," he said in Jakarta yesterday. Cut the original owner's name Cynthiara Alona explains, shooting the photos were done many years ago. When he was still a dozen years.
Actually, he could be a cover-up never photographed nude. However, the face on the photo can not keep this reality. Although acknowledged, but Cynthiara disturbed and uncomfortable with these photographs. In addition to career and family is also disturbing. Earlier on two years ago nude photos of Cynthiara also circulated even more hot when compared to photos that circulated today.

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