4 Things to Relationship

Posted by Diana Yusuf on Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4 Things to Relationship, If you are in a bad relationship and want to desperately get out of it, then find out what you can say. There are a few easy things you can say to end a relationship quick. When you learn the 4 things to say, you will be single in no time.

Being in a bad relationship with someone can be rough. You may not want to hurt the other person's feelings, but do not want it to waste anymore time. The first thing you need to do, is admit that you have to make a change and then think of the best ways to get out of it.

There are four possible things you can say to someone, that will end your relationship with them for good. The first thing you could tell them is that you are no longer attracted to them anymore. This pretty much tells them that there is nothing they can do to hold on to you. You don't want to give them any indication that there is hope for you to work it out. Be direct and let them know that it is over.
If you do not want to use that excuse, you could inform them that you want to work out some issues in your life and not be with anyone right now. This explanation is great, because it lets them believe that it is not them, but rather you that is the problem.

Another ideal thing to say to someone, is that you don't see yourself getting into more of a committed relationship anytime soon. That lets them know that you are not looking to move into together or get married in the near future, if your partner does want something serious, hopefully this excuse helps them move on.

The last thing you could say is that you need some time apart to think about your life and your relationship. Tell them that space is what you are after and that you really need some time alone. They will have no choice but to set you free.

When your bad relationship has you down, the best thing to do is end it quickly. If you are looking for 4 things to end a relationship, then follow this advice to succeed.

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