Paypal Is best Online Payment

Posted by Diana Yusuf on Friday, May 21, 2010

Purchaser / Buyer who feels harmed or did not fit that description notified may request money back to the Seller / Seller within maximum 45 days after the payment. If the buyer uses a credit card chargeback will receive a refund from their credit card company.

PayPal also protects sellers from refunds or improper complaints from buyers according to proof. Protection for sellers is designed to protect sellers from buyers who claim to have sent the money claimed to have no record of payment receipt and a description of the transaction, every purchase and payment using PayPal there is always a record of proof of payment in your PayPal account in the sending and receiving money, as evidence if the right has occurred remittances between the two

From this it can be concluded using PayPal is more secure than other online payment tool for sender and receiver of money because there is proof of payment and the record description, and can perform correctly complains that if anything happens, or to avoid a false complaint

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