Life Toxin

Posted by Diana Yusuf on Thursday, May 20, 2010

Contemporary women's lives not as easy and as simple past. With the higher activity, the more vulnerable women exposed to external factors that affect physical health and emotional balance. This is referred to as life-toxin.

Life-toxin can not be avoided and be present naturally, such as free radicals. Life-toxin also arise when women had to deal with stress in life. "But the stress must be managed properly. It is not inevitable, but tip is well. For example, by always think positive in order not to attack emotionally," said Kassandra Putranto, S. Psi, in the launching of a natural antioxidant drink, from Ultra Prima Abadi PT, early May ago.

"The life-toxin that attacked physically, one of them can be overcome by a natural antioxidant, derived from the herb," said Eka Kristinem Yuna, Public Relation Manager of PT OT Ultra Prima Abadi.

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