Klinefelter Syndrome, Not Sex Doubles

Posted by Diana Yusuf on Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cases that struck Alterina Hofan (32) draws attention because he was deemed to have sex twice by the genetic abnormality called Klinefelter syndrome.

Hofan must be curled up in Pondok Bambu Prison for being falsified identity. Hofan detention in a special detention center because she Jakarta High Prosecutors believe he androgynous women.

Jane's husband Hadi Deviyanti Puspito (23) is entangled with gender identity fraud article. He was accused by Article 266 KLJ-IP in conjunction with Article 263 KLHP about identity fraud in authentic documents, either through a false statement in writing as well.

In fact, according to a letter No. 1145/TU.FK/X/2009 Forensic Examination Results dated October 20, 2009, signed Dr. Munim Idris, Hofan declared as the man who has the disorder known as syndrome Klinefelter medicine.

Then, whether Klinefelter's syndrome? Is it true they are experiencing this disorder has a dual sex?

According to the explanation Mayoclinic site, Klinefelter syndrome is one type of genetic disorder that is often experienced by men. This disorder usually occurs due to the result of doubling the extra X chromosome in each cell. In the world, Klinefelter syndrome experienced by one out of 500 men to one in 1,000 males.

Men usually have a normal XY sex (one X chromosome and one Y chromosome); those who have Klinefelter syndrome approximately one extra X chromosome That way, they may be described as a male sex berkromosom men with XXY or XXY syndrome. In rare cases, there are also people with Klinefelter's syndrome have three or four X chromosomes or one or more additional chromosome Y.

Occurred during embryo formation
Klinefelter syndrome occurs when an extra sex chromosome derived from one parent on male infants during embryo formation. Impairment of this extra chromosome is random and accidental.

Unlike other chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome, there are those whose family history of Klinefelter's syndrome or a mother who gave birth in old age is not automatically going to have this disorder.

Big tits and barren
Influence and signs of Klinefelter syndrome are highly variable and not equal to every man who experienced it. The most common condition is the syndrome affects organ growth as a producer of testicular sperm. Children who are born with this syndrome have low testosterone. As a result, muscle growth, body shape and the hairs on his face was not well developed. In addition, men with Asperger's Syndrome have an enlarged breast tissue (gynecomastia).

Despite the disorder, many men with Klinefelter's syndrome and normal lives unaware that they have it. They do not realize abnormal physical signs, emotional or mental disturbances. Therefore, many health professionals prefer to mention a man with an extra X chromosome as "XXY men." This eliminates some negative things about the term "syndrome".

In the majority of Klinefelter patients, those experiencing infertility inferitilitas or so can not fertilize an egg cell and gives the child. However, as medical technology advances, there are some patients who can be helped to become fertile.

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