How Can We Finding Discovery Education on the Web

Posted by Diana Yusuf on Sunday, May 23, 2010

Discovery Education, I have spoken recently and one of my friend who is struggling for her son to read. Makes me think. The truth is that almost no one, adults or children, have the time to sit down and read these days. Of course, the people have the time to read the American Idol, or loss or any other initiative or television air. Yes, I'm sorry, I think so. These are the cases 3, but there is more. I'm talking about TV, or view the worst possible side effects to humans or to give people a completely distorted version of reality. If you see the local news, and I will not leave the house. Abroad called me and asked me if I was OK, they heard a number of local TV news ... Across the ocean, thousands of miles away. What is the point?

So, yes, it's a shame that people do not read, because I think that there are many books that are not ordinary television programs average. However, we are still here, that is the reality, no doubt that many children respond better and better the TV the old iPod a lot of pages. Please note that you may need to do is that most parents who want peace and tranquility at home have a tendency to just sit in front of their children from the box at an early age ... You can not blame the child.

Thus, the situation is better. After all, why should children read? Just for this technology or what they read? Past a certain age, you must have the content. Practical skills, should be drilled as soon as possible, if you have young people who can not read, and this is another problem, not the title of this article.

A few years ago, I got the iPod. I do not think, because I did not listen to music more than that, I can not imagine walking in my headphones jamming on my song. But then I was introduced around the same time, and audio books. Wow! Was found why! My iPod with me everywhere. Rarely watch television, and when I do, do not require a high degree of branding, such as cooking, cleaning and concentrated sorting mail, etc., I just put my iPod only "read." I mean, I listen to really, but I'm not ready to make time to really sit down and read to the bottom. I have just killed two birds with one stone. I have "read" the book dozens of couples over the years, I learned a lot! This was the best education in my life. I grew up the way do not think that this is possible.

Now I think that your child has a player MP3, and some instructions. Have you ever thought of looking for them for audio books. Or only some of the audio files, and can be in their own iPod, and will listen. There is a mixture of some of the music and some teaching materials. Do yourself: When you drive, allowing for the whole family to listen to audio books of your favorite, what this debate. Let your child make an early age.

The same applies to television. Yes, there are a lot of TV programs is not feasible in my opinion, but there are also good, which brings together, in fact knowledge. Some children and education are very low and then you have the Discovery Channel, History Channel, etc., rather than calming, blind baby with cardboard, in an attempt to explore the system of life at sea. Do not get me wrong, I love comic books, and between now and then. Some better than others. However, there must be a lot. Children, like all people, and respond to them. If you feed them small businesses from violence, and they love it will become the norm for them and they want more. If you feed them knowledge, guidance and education, early age, and want more of.

One game. This is a game and need some ideas and other people, including the fire, or race, or pretend you are playing your sport. If the weather is good enough to go out into the street and you like football or soccer or baseball, to play, to do the real thing. If it is too cold or rainy, you get stuck, select the game, you will learn some things, such as finance or management of your future, or build a business. This is a game.

The use of computers also need to teach children early. Proficient in Microsoft Office is essential. Them to write their own notes, for example, a computer, and allow them to play with powerpoint when school projects, to show them to publishers, etc., and this is the basic skills. The Internet is also a great source of a good or bad, you should choose. There are many web site interactive, great for children. All societies are far better, if used for a reasonable period of time each day. This is done away easily by the network, he spent several hours just a waste of time. But there are many things to learn. Or even just the technical aspects of computer use. Teach your children the wisdom of the network: for example, to ensure that choose any kind of picture, they have your personal information, to familiarize them with this type of image they want to project. And can also learn on your own ads or events on one of the community. And can teach them in the early era of marketing.

Technology, full of wealth. Must be used wisely and that the child must show - as soon as possible - positive, as an educational tool you can use, so that they will ask more. I do not blame TV or violent video games, television programs have no value for children, and lack of attention to the study. Part of your own responsibility: you have to do is decide what your child or who do not like. Then you have, and use this great tool, we call technology to your advantage.

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