Barack Obama could confuse the World Cup

Posted by Diana Yusuf on Saturday, May 8, 2010

Will be followed by the President of South Africa, as saying: Police say angry that the United States (United States), Barack Obama, who did not provide information about the project a positive attitude to South Africa, see the national team the United States in the World Cup. He claimed that the fear, Obama plans a surprise visit, as they interfere with the work of the Preparatory Committee, especially on security issues. Seeley said that this does not mean that those who come to him. However, he hoped, the Ambassador, in recognition of their day long his arrival, the Commission and the police to the preparation of the design standard. He did not want to cook the preparation for change in the middle of the road to adjust the country who were invited guests of the coming of them, including Obama's plan.

So far, according to Seeley, the new 43 countries it said, comes on top of them. Qualified at the same time, Obama will call personally to the United States team for the second or third time. It is hoped to live together, in order followed by the United States insist in the first round was in trouble from the reordering of his subordinates to prepare."The problem is one that the United States who want to return, and the president did not come, come, do not come. (Odds) is still 50-50. Prayer is that we (Americans) do not fall in the second round," he said. "They told us that if (the U.S. national team) to enter the second or third round of negotiations, will come to the President of the United States. From 43 heads of state, and now we have received confirmation (the quality of human security 43), equal to the security (we must be prepared for Obama ), "he said.

Another thing that makes the heart of Chile and also the Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Africa to buy a special Nkoana - Mashabane Obama is not the end of her can help to ensure access.

"When we (LaSalle and Nkoana - Mashabane) meeting was held at the headquarters of the FBI, and said: I do not know, and I do not think that (Nkoana - Mashabane) to tell the truth, and said:" THE BEST.

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