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Posted by Diana Yusuf on Monday, April 5, 2010

I went through the security system over the past 10 years has changed dramatically and rapid growth and technological development and security of the digital home. Modern technology allows the owners to install and maintain advanced digital home security system can monitor and track the activities of individuals who are trying to steal. Many of the special security regime effectively, do not allow access to residential buildings and residential buildings. Eye scan technology and prevent access to a specific region, what were not the subject's eyes scan the retina to print matching the number of database storage systems, home security. Is an effective way to build a technologically advanced countries, but they are still in each test.

Footprint and also to review the technological age is increasingly common. Steel doors and access points only in the equipment survey fingerprints was invalid. This system is a scan of the eyes and will help prevent theft, and lock the doors this electronic difficult to penetrate them.

Seen and there is another area of digital home security radical changes in the remote monitoring system. Cameras placed throughout the house for the registration of any possible criminal activity is based on the original simulation, and video recording. However, the promotion of technology and more effective security strategy to combat crime in the home, and increased demand, digital tracking system of the invention, is now used widely throughout the world. Can now monitor in real-time digital video is sent to the remote server to send feed the video server via the Internet, even through mobile phones and portable electronic devices such as portable iPod. The system provides safety awareness of their owners, who will now have to check the time interval in the random-day domination of the country, to ensure that everything is normal. System will also allow the owner of the house, called the theft criminals without the knowledge of the police, since the thief may not know its collection and recording real time. The cameras are grouped together to introduce the video, so users can display more than one camera at the same time. This method is quick access to fame all over the world.

A number of other useful IT security is being taken further action in the field of remote sensing technology. Laser leads to high-decibel alarm sounds when motion is detected and reported to the police and criminals from stealing the terrible and may be far from the scene and the incident with the neighbors of electronic equipment. This technique is very effective anti-crime strategies and use, in order to increase national security and the provision of a comprehensive peace within the mind.

Has seen the cost of home security system is significantly reduced. Home security systems are now within the reach of most families and individuals, as technology has become cheap and popular. What was once a luxury only the very rich man, is currently available to the public.

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