Ferdinand wait FA decision

Posted by Diana Yusuf on Wednesday, February 3, 2010

For the support the club, the defender Manchester United (MU), Rio Ferdinand, has filed an appeal to the FA about the ban appeared as many as four games. He is now just waiting for the FA's decision, which may make his sentence reduced or increased. Ferdinand suspension cases originated from the action elbowing opponent to Hull City striker Craig Fagan, in a duel Premier League, January 23 ago. FA accused him of deliberate violence. When Ferdinand received the lawsuit, he would only accept a suspension of two games, than it should be three games. However, if he denied and proven guilty, he will receive the full three-game suspension. Ferdinand chose the second option and lose.

However, he was simply being rewarded three action, but four. One additional sanctions were imposed because of the FA rate, based rebuttal filed Ferdinand narrow thinking, that does not take into account the impact of the offense to the opponent. Manchester United and Ferdinand objected to the sanctions that bonus. They were trying to gather new evidence to appeal the sanctions once the ban was performed. Ferdinand appeal will not be implemented before the end of next week. If accepted, Ferdinand will miss only the third fight. However, if the return is rejected, he would absent longer and may not be able to play in the Carling Cup final, against Aston Villa, February 28 next.

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ndop said...

waaa... pertamax kah diriku???

Ngeposting ni yee said...

sOb lInk gue mana??
kemaren udh di psng,, kok hilang lagi??

hendro said...

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hendro said...

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pakde ngawur said...

kunjungan mas..tapi rak ngudeng aku karo artikel mas..inggris kabeh to,,heheheheh salam kenal dari pakde ngawur

pakde ngawur said...

la..piye to mas....raiku iku memang rai gowo sial...rak pernah untung..!!! heheheheh

iki ingris se mantep tenan..lah aku rak iso sama skali,,,mboten saget boso ingris..heheh

Ngeposting ni yee said...

ia sOb, udh kelihatan,,
sory ya sObat,,

hendro said...

maaf link saya di taruh di mana ya ?

Ngeposting ni yee said...

mAmpir sob,,

annosmile said...

kunjungan balik mas
baru bisa dikit2 baca bahasa inggris nih
hmm..akhirnya ban kapten jatuh ke ferdinand
padahal saya kira jatuh pada ronney

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