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Posted by Diana Yusuf on Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Awareness of women in the process of detection, prevention, and treatment of early breast cancer is still low, so they know when the disease has entered an advanced stage. "As a result, treatment is often too late," said researchers from the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) Beautiful Fatmawati when the results of his research on breast cancer in Yogyakarta. Therefore, according to him, early diagnosis is necessary because of breast cancer easier to treat and can be fix if still in early stages.

He said the phenomenon that there had been a reluctant woman to check herself when she felt a strange symptoms happening to her breasts. This reluctance is due to concern if it affected her breast cancer. In fact, according to him, the earlier the check-up, breast cancer treatment can be expedited. He said the reluctance to consult the truth can be overcome with good persuasive communication. Persuasive communication can be done in various ways, including through mass media and counseling by a doctor or a teacher.

"My mother or sister who was older can become a primary means of delivering the message," he said. For that, according to him, young women should be made aware to continue to perform breast self-examination process (realized) on a regular basis. In communicating the message, framing a very powerful message in an effort to persuade young women in the early detection of breast cancer.
He said in the message must be conveyed that although the risk of breast cancer at the age of large 35 years and over, not closed the possibility of adolescents can develop this disease. Thus, the teens felt to have involvement in the message, so that will be more influential. "In that case, negative framing is more effective than positive framing. Framing the negative is to deliver the message that a greater emphasis on aspects of risk, whereas positive framing is more emphasis on aspects of the utility or usefulness," he said.

Risk of women suffering from breast cancer is very high. Even the mention of women 100 times more susceptible to breast cancer than men. According to Indonesian Chairman of the Cancer Foundation of Sri Hazara, certainly not yet known about the causes of breast cancer. Far more important to know is how a person vulnerable breast cancer. "The factors that can not be avoided such as age and family history," said Sri. Sri suggest, should be a routine breast examination. The best examination when the hormone estrogen is not high, or 10 days or a week after menstruation clean.
"All parts palpable breast examination, from the center to the edge or vice versa, whether there is structural change. From the edge to the center do not squeeze the nipple is fluid. Lesson in the bathroom or do not see any protruding parts or as dimples," he said. Breast cancer is the number two killer of women in the world. But that does not mean can not be cured. Breast cancer can be cured if treated at a single stage or approximately 95%.

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