5 myth of backlinks

Posted by Diana Yusuf on Friday, January 29, 2010

Vipnk the Internet and bloggers, and even search engine optimization who were not in the amateur for a short time only, and we know that many other sites are linked to Google, Yahoo, or Bing high rank is required.

Back 'as a cure for your site from other sites sound' are doing a guide for you on a special importance and used as a search engine popularity.

As a result of market and technology strategies and bloggers of all types to use as many links they can.

As with anything related to search engine marketing, many rumors, despite the myths and nonsense Assembly had been circulated, and many of them large scale yet, and is repeated several times, and facts as they are practicing.

Here the five most common myths surrounding the background and reasons are pure nonsense.

Myth 1. Two links and only one way how useless links are worth anything. While it is true that in the way of groups of values and a mutual contact, ie, only one site, a high degree of link road and for suspected links to search engines may display. The reason seems obvious link behavior for small enterprises, and links that are found naturally and may be one way or two ways. Therefore, to avoid raising doubts about his contacts, you balance all in one, and one and two should be linked to.

MYTH 2. Anchor text is no longer appropriate. Anchor text in links from the weight certainly did a few years ago, when all groups took bomb was not angry. However, search engines still one way to find out what sites link to one other location, believed linked to need. And the anchor text is not the most direct route. It still ranks in groups is possible for a keyword as anchor text links with keywords to get through a lot. This was long before one is more difficult.

Myth 3. What about not following''Useless. That's why an important way to link two ',' Do not follow links as natural as possible your backlink strategy is required to make. A site-only 'no follow links' is a red flag with search engine will take.

Myth 4. Besides damaging too quickly has gained many backlinks. It is nothing less than a simple rejection. There's certainly many cases that the self complementary Webmasters Index, search for groups or the number of links in T are very soon after receiving is being fully indexed. If the second one led, however, is highly debatable. Think about it for a moment. How many links did not hearing about the death when TMZ Michael Jackson? Apple's latest products so you Engadget or Gizmodo 'A' pictures leaked when the post is advertised? Thousands. After all these naturally generated, all perfectly legal. Of course, any kind of punishment did not result in the search engines.

Of course, if you can, it is protected better, and to build relationships slowly with time.

Myth 5. Only one good page rank with link pages is valuable. It is ridiculous for many reasons. First, Google Assembly, or the toolbar, and public relations are not updated every few months, the time of writing this report for a period of eight months were not updated. So when you get links from sites can take a PR 0, Google's home, which is used more than the order is PR.

Secondly, as I said before, and only if you look at natural relations is linked to high PR sites, that will not need all natural look. 0 or 1 for purely organic architecture backlink pages with a PR will include lots of links.

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